Poster: Optimizing Heterotrophic Chlorella vulgaris Production: From Lab to Industrial Plant

We would like to congratulate Ana Barros, for presenting her latest poster at the Conference dedicated to the Doctoral Program in Food Science and Technology and Nutrition at the University of Minho. The conference, which took place on June 23rd, 2022, provided an opportunity for doctoral students to share their latest research advancements. Ana’s presentation focused on her work optimizing the conditions for heterotrophic cultivation of Chlorella vulgaris and the transition from laboratory-scale to large-scale production. This work highlights the importance of successfully transitioning from the laboratory to industrial production settings, which is crucial for achieving the potential of efficient and sustainable microalgae production.

Great job!! đŸ’Ș🙌

Performalgae Plenary Meeting

Partners re-united in person, at last!

Thank you also to the partners participating online! What an interesting and fruitful discussion! Activities are up and running. which means this team is bringing the best of our algae into the development of new products.


Optimization of C. vulgaris industrial production


Ana Barros’s progress was presented at the Food Science and Technology and Nutrition Doctoral Program PhD student’s meeting.

Among many tasks developed so far, Ana worked on the optimization of Chlorella vulgaris growth and production at industrial fermenters. This information will be crucial for the production of C. vulgaris improved strains, developed under the scope of Performalgae.

Performalgae at ISFNF 2022

Did you know microalgae can improve fish gut health?

The GutPerformance working group from GreenCoLab was at the XX International Symposium of Fish Nutrition and Fisheries presenting latest results obtained in the PERFORMALGAE project! Great ideas came from the discussions on the poster session!


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