Performalgae at the 9th Luso-Mozambican Engineering Congress

We are pleased to share that our team had the opportunity to participate in the esteemed 9th Luso-Mozambican Engineering Congress, themed “Engineering Challenges in Cooperation for Development and Climate Change,” held in Maputo from August 28th to September 2nd. During the congress, the work by dedicated researchers A. Ferreira, S. Carapinha, L. Melkonyan, G. Avetisova, and L. Gouveia was presented under the theme “Microalgae for Energy, Water Resources, Environment, Climate, Food, and Feed: Wastewater Treatment through Microalgae and their Use for Sustainable Agriculture.”

This presentation addressed the potential of microalgae in wastewater treatment and their use in sustainable agriculture. Microalgae offer a promising solution for nutrient recovery and contaminant removal from wastewater while also serving as a valuable source of  energy, contributing to food security and climate change mitigation.

We would like to express our gratitude to the congress organizers for providing us with the opportunity to share our research and insights in this important field.