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Publication: Scenedesmus rubescens Heterotrophic Production Strategies

Microalgae have captured global interest due to their vast potential in various applications. Among them, Scenedesmus stands out as one of the earliest algae to be cultured in vitro, owing

Publication: Trends in Algaeculture for Agricultural applications

The Performalgae project recently published a paper that discusses the possibilities of microalgae as alternatives for sustainable agriculture. Due to their abundance in nutrients and bioactive metabolites, these microorganisms are

Publication: From piggery wastewater to wheat using microalgae towards zero waste

We are excited to share a groundbreaking new publication from the Performalgae project that delves into the potential of microalgae biomass for agriculture purposes. As the demand for sustainable agricultural

Publication: Green Technology for Safe Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from T. obliquus Cultivated in Wastewater

Microalgae possess the unique ability to absorb nutrients from wastewater, simultaneously producing clean water and biomass enriched with bioactive compounds. Extracting these valuable compounds from within the microalgal cell is

Publication: Curious about Chlorococcum amblystomatis cultivation?

Introducing our scientific publication: “Heterotrophic and photoautotrophic media optimization using Response Surface Methodology for the novel microalga Chlorococcum amblystomatis” by Correia N, Pereira H, Schulze PSC, Costa MM, Santo GE,

Update Plenary Meeting

Throwback to our February Plenary Meeting, where we discussed progress and planned the final months of the project. Thank you to all partners for the discussion and for the good

COMPETE 2020 Newsletter N.368

Be sure to check out COMPETE 2020 Newsletter Nº 368 highlight on Performalgae! ☞  

Performalgae at the 9th Luso-Mozambican Engineering Congress

We are pleased to share that our team had the opportunity to participate in the esteemed 9th Luso-Mozambican Engineering Congress, themed “Engineering Challenges in Cooperation for Development and Climate Change,”