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Publication: Scenedesmus rubescens Heterotrophic Production Strategies

Microalgae have captured global interest due to their vast potential in various applications. Among them, Scenedesmus stands out as one of the earliest algae to be cultured in vitro, owing to its rapid growth and ease of handling. But is its industrial production feasible?

The latest publication from the Performalgae project focuses on a pivotal objective: developing scalable methods to produce a highly concentrated biomass of Scenedesmus rubescens under heterotrophic conditions. At the laboratory scale, the growth of Scenedesmus rubescens was significantly enhanced. Encouraged by these promising results, the next step was to assess scale-up in a stirred-tank reactor under fed-batch operation.

The Performalgae project continues to explore innovative approaches to harness the immense potential of microalgae. As we strive to unlock the full range of benefits offered by these versatile microorganisms, we remain dedicated to driving sustainability, efficiency, and progress in the field of microalgae research. Read it all here!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Performalgae as we continue our journey towards a greener, more sustainable future, fueled by the remarkable potential of microalgae!

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