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Publication: Green Technology for Safe Extraction of Bioactive Compounds from T. obliquus Cultivated in Wastewater

Microalgae possess the unique ability to absorb nutrients from wastewater, simultaneously producing clean water and biomass enriched with bioactive compounds. Extracting these valuable compounds from within the microalgal cell is of great importance. A recent Performalgae scientific publication titled “Application of Green Technology to Extract Clean and Safe Bioactive Compounds from Tetradesmus obliquus Biomass Grown in Poultry Wastewater” explores the utilization of subcritical water extraction to collect high-value compounds from the microalga Tetradesmus obliquus following poultry wastewater treatment.

The study underscores the potential of microalgae as a sustainable solution for nutrient recycling and the production of bioactive compounds. These findings contribute to the advancement of environmentally friendly extraction methods and promote the application of microalgae-based solutions in various industries, including feed and agriculture.

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